Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Proposal Freeze

On Thursday starting at 9:30am, project groups will deliver a 5 minute .ppt presentation addressing issues below. Please remember to take into account the key learning to date regarding oral and visual presentations.

This project "freeze" marks the point when a project's core definition, purpose, activities and measures of success are solidified so that specific project work can begin. Heading towards this point, the following items need to be established and communicated:

  • Project Title, specific to your work.
  • Executive Summary, including project objective with specific reference to the Greenest City goals
  • Why should we care about your project within the goals, and generally?
  • What has the City of Vancouver asked for? Who is your main contact?
  • What are the main questions driving your project?
  • What specific services is your project providing that add value? To whom?
  • Team members and current activities, specifically who is doing what by when?
  • The purpose and outcomes each activity
  • Describe the specific impact or change that will occur as a result of each activity
  • What are your metrics for success for the project?
  • How will you visualize your project research and outcomes in images, infographics and maps?
  • What are you planning to hand off the City as a result of this project? To whom?
  • What do you KNOW for certain about your project right now?
  • What do you not know, that you need to know in order to move forward?
  • What are your next immediate steps?
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