Friday, September 16, 2011

CityStudio Week 3: Herb Barbolet, Chashma Heinz and James O'Niel

September 15, 2011
1800 Spyglass Place 

2pm –5pm – In Class Time
5-6pm – Dinner Break
6- 8pm – Project Design time

To Bring

  • Meal to be arranged and supplied by the food team
  • We will have coffee for next week

To Read

To Hand-in to Janet and Duane

  • 250 word summary of your team's project idea and plan proposal. Start with a question.
  • First week notes from Eat, Work, Play
  • Reflections

2:00pm - Check-in. Tell us about food and your line.
3:00pm – 2 Hr Dialogue: Herb Barbolet - Vancouver Food Policy Council, Chashma Heinz and James O'Neil, Social/Food Policy for the City of Vancouver.
5:00pm – Break for Dinner 
6:00 – 8:00pm  –  Design Charrette:   Play + Food
                                                       Mt Pleasant   =  ?

Also, next steps for projects, next week and upcoming.

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