Friday, September 2, 2011

CityStudio Week 1: First Project Meeting

Welcome to CityStudio! Our first project meeting is an orientation and retreat exploring the course themes of Eat, Work, Play through dialogue + design.

Location and Time
1800 Spyglass Place
September 8, 2011 
2pm – 8pm

To Bring for class 
Food to share 

To Read before class
Greenest City Goals (with emphasis on Food, Green Economy and Access to Nature)
Course Outline

To Do before class:
Join CityStudio Google Circle
Create Google profile

·  2:00pm - Arrival, food table set up, name cards

·  2:15pm - Introductions, interviews (Duane)

·  3:00pm - 
Design 1: Teams (Duane)

·  3:45pm - Space Tour (Lena)

·  4:00pm - Dialogue 1: Why are you here? What do we want to do together? How are we going to work together? (Janet)

·  5:00pm - Break

·  5:45pm - 
Design 2: Space Jam (Janet)

·  6:30pm - Dialogue 2: Your neighbourhood. Course content, method, themes, calendar and (Duane)

·  7:15pm - Questions, next steps, assignments, reflections and readings, 

next week: walk the line (Janet and Duane)

·  8:00pm - End

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