Monday, October 10, 2011

CityStudio Week 6: Lindsay Cole

October 13, 2011
1800 Spyglass Place

Lindsay Cole

2-3pm Check In and Reflections on Partner Event
3-5pm Dialogue with Lindsay Cole - Greenest City Planner (Hosts: Jordan and Jason)
5-6pm Potluck Dinner - Sam, Josh, Kate, Sonja, Jason, Lena
6-6:30pm Small Groups - Member and Topic Freeze
6:30-8pm Consultations in Groups with Janet and Duane

To Bring - Written Responses to the Following Questions
  • What is the single most important question you are asking in your project?
  • What is happening already in Vancouver that is similar to your project?
  • Name the 5 closest projects and 5 most important people you need to talk with to move forward.

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