Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Dialogue with: Lindsay Cole, Tilo Driessen and Oliver Kellhammer

As students move from open research to project definition, the CityStudio held 2 project sessions on January 26th. In the morning, students presented Access to Nature research to Park Board's Lindsay Cole (center) and Tilo Driessen (right).

The afternoon session invited City of Vancouver Greenest City and Parks Board Planner Lindsay Cole (back left) and land Artist Oliver Kellhammer (back right), as well as city guests: Preet Bal, Jennifer Draper and Jil P. Weaving, to discuss their work and their ideas on nature.

Dialogue Question: What is nature to you?

Oliver Kellhammer: I feel like I'm an invasive species and as an artist making something from nothing, pulling things from the air, as opposed to administrating or organizing something. If you don't like something, simply try to change it. You may fail, but you'll learn to fail better. Forces of profit and private property, organized, administered and encouraged by the City are not always the most beneficial to us as a city"

Building on Joseph Beuys' idea that his land art can act as a homeopathic element, he considers himself as a catalyst for communities to design for themselves, by themselves.

Lindsay Cole: Nature as a well functioning system with humans living in that system - real living connections between living things.

CityStudio Coordinator Lena Soots: You want to do good work, but the way to do this is not necessarily to ask what does the world need, but what makes you come alive, because what the world needs is people who are are alive.
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