Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CityStudio's First Book of Greenest City Projects, Fall 2011

The project book below contains the work of the Fall 2011 cohort at CityStudio Vancouver. The City of Vancouver asked students to work in three of the 10 Greenest City Goal areas: Access to Nature, Local Food and the Green Economy. Between September and December 2011, student groups worked with City staff and instructors to develop 4 major projects that will contribute directly to the Greenest City goals.

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Project Groups

Parks in Streets - Access to Nature

Sonja Mulabdic - BCIT School of Construction and the Environment
Amy Hess - UBC Global Resource Systems / Faculty of Land & Food Systems
Aviya Kones - SFU / University of Manitoba Environmental Studies
Kate Saunders - UBC Bachelor of Science in Biology

Long Table Dialogues - Greenest City Goals

Alexandria Mitchell - UBC Political Science
Laura Kozak - UBC Masters of Architecture
Joshua Welsh - UBC Masters of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture
Theunis Snyman - Emily Carr Industrial Design
Justin Hay - Emily Carr Interaction Design

Food Stories - Local Food

Christina Alm - SFU Geography
Maya McDonald - UBC Urban Planning, Faculty of Grad Studies

Food Maps - Local Food

Jason Mertz - SFU Centre for Sustainable Community Development
Jordan Manning - SFU Interactive Arts & Technology
Samantha Lefort - Emily Carr Faculty of Cutlure & Community 
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