Saturday, October 29, 2011

CityStudio Week 8: John Tylee and Peter Burch

November 3, 2011

1800 Spyglass Place

2-3pm Check-in, agenda and project discussion
3-5pm Dialogue with VEC's John Tylee and City Planner Peter Burch. (Hosts: Aviya and Sonja)
5-6pm Dinner -
 Sam, Josh, Kate, Sonja, Jason, Lena
6-8pm Small group work and consultations with Janet and Duane

To Bring 
Updated Project Proposal with the following headings:
·   Project Title
·   Executive Summary, including project objective specific reference to the Greenest City goals
·  What has the city asked for?
·  Team members and current activities
·   The three main activities of your project
·   The purpose and outcomes each activity
·   Describe the specific impact or change that will occur as a result of each activity
·   What are your metrics for success for the project? (remember Andrea's question; What dial are you trying to move, and how will you know how far it has been moved?)
·   What are you planning to hand off the City as a result of this project?
·   What are your next immediate steps?
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