Sunday, November 6, 2011

CityStudio Week 9: Moura Quayle Leadership Workshop

November 10, 2011
1800 Spyglass Place

2-3pm Check-in and Outdoor Activity (Janet) - Be on Time or you might not find us!
3-5pm Leadership Workshop with Moura Quayle (Hosts Laura and Justin)

5-6pm Long Table Dinner - Amy, Theunis, Christina, Janet, Laura (I'll switch with Duane who is away this week)
6-8pm Peer Feedback Meetings and Individual Check-in with Janet re: Directed Studies

Group Project Reporting. Please provide an 
Project Proposal (Freeze) with the following headings:
  • Project Title
  • Executive Summary, including project objective specific reference to the Greenest City goals
  • What has the city asked for?
  • What are the main questions driving your project?
  • What specific services is your project providing that adds value?
  • Team members and current activities - who is doing what by when?
  • The three main activities/components of your project
  • The purpose and outcomes each activity
  • Describe the specific impact or change that will occur as a result of each activity
  • What are your metrics for success for the project?
  • What are you planning to hand off the City as a result of this project? To Whom?
  • What are your next immediate steps?
  • is there any connection to your individual project
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